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From experience, we know that the first year of a baby’s life can be a beautiful, crazy, awe-inspiring, chaotic mess. As lovely as it is to soak all that in, it's also nice to feel like you have things under control!


Part journal, part calendar, part tracker, the You & Me Maternity Planner is for first-time mums, experienced mums, and everyone in between. The perfect gift for an expectant mother, our maternity planner is ideal for helping both mum and baby settle into their new way of life together. 


Because we understand how frustrating waste is and how easy it is to go a few weeks without checking in, and because we know how unpredicatable due dates can be, our planners are completely undated - which means that they can be started whenever and picked up where they were left off again and again and again. Flexible, easy tracking for the weeks and months that you need it!


Our planners are divided into different sections with tabs to help you navigate:


YEARLY OVERVIEW, including a 2023 & 2024 calendar overview, space for mum to make a note of key dates (anniversaries, birthdays, special events etc) and a page for mum to outline her hopes, dreams and wishes for her and baby for the year ahead.


BUMP TO BABY, including a pre-baby to-do list (like finally putting together the bedside cot!), a hospital bag checklist with some helpful ideas of what the mum-to-be might like to pack, space to make predictions about the baby before they arrive and to record key details when they do about both the baby and the labour and delivery, a developmental milestones guide (in line with guidance) and spaces to record your baby's milestones as they are met across the year and beyond, space to stick six key photographs from baby's first year, shopping lists for each of the key sizes, and space to track weaning from six months. 


MONTHLY OVERVIEW, covering nine months and including a monthly check-in page for mum to make a note of things she is looking forward to, would like to achieve and is grateful for, a monthly calendar overview, and a blank habit tracker with space to track up to nine habits and space for mum to outline what she would like to focus on this month.


WEEKLY OVERVIEW, covering forty weeks and including a weekly to-do list, a weekly menu and a weekly shopping list, and daily blank mum and baby spaces (perfect for tracking feeding, sleeping, nappy changes, appointments, or anything else you fancy) with a mood tracker and space for three 'IF NOTHING ELSE, TODAY I WILL...' so that mum can prioritise appropriately and also because it’s important to celebrate those little wins!


HEALTH OVERVIEW, including space for mum to outline both her physical and mental health goals for the year ahead, and with fortnightly pages covering fifty-four weeks to help her track the things that make her mind, body and soul happy - whether that's working out, calorie counting, drinking enough water, getting enough fresh air, how many baths she's had, the books she's read, or which TV show she's been binging while the baby sleeps. 


...finishing with space at the back for mum to outline her plans for after her statutory maternity leave ends - whether that is additional time off, returning to work, or starting the transition to a stay-at-home mum!


£24.99 Regular Price
£19.99Sale Price
  • Our planners are printed on thick, high quality 100gsm paper, which is perfect for writing on both sides, their coil binding makes them great for lying flat on a desk or bedside table, their hardback cover keeps the pages inside safe and their A5 size means that they're just the right size to carry in a bag (or changing bag!). Lovingly designed and printed in the UK!

  • Your planner will be wrapped, boxed and dispatched within 24 hours!

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